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Born and raised in Texas, Pastor Brad was the youngest of five children, whose parents worked in the ministry for many years to rescue numerous small struggling churches. Brad Lowrie never imagined that he would follow so closely in his father’s footsteps. But a day in the summer of 1971 was a turning point in Pastor Brad Lowrie’s life. It was on that day that, as a young boy, he trusted Christ as his personal Saviour. God worked in his heart and life in a very convincing way when God called him to preach. After fighting with God about being a preacher, he finally surrendered and entered the ministry. He and his family were blessed to serve in the ministry on the staff of 3 different churches before The Lord allowed them to start a brand-new church in western Oklahoma. Over the years God directed him to pastor churches in Missouri and Oklahoma. God used them to see the churches grow and many lives were changed.

After pastoring for over 17 years, it was quite a surprise in his life when God began to move in his heart to make the giant leap of faith, leave family, familiarity, and the pastorate to become a missionary to Croatia. After resigning as a pastor, The Lowrie’s sold their home and much of their personal belongings, packed up and headed to Croatia in June of 2017. His heart and passion for God are evident in his desire to introduce others to Christ and see them grow in their relationship with Him.

Brad is the founding pastor and speaker at New Life. He has a keen ability to help people understand the Bible in ways that apply to everyday life. He has a master’s degree from Calvary Baptist Bible Seminary. When you hear him speak, expect to laugh and occasionally cry, and when you least expect it, something he’s saying will sneak up on you and you’ll suddenly realize “that was for me.” Brad and his wife Connie have been married for over 31 years, raising three sons. All three of their sons are serving The Lord in the United States and they also have four wonderful grandchildren and are more than willing to show you pictures of them at a moment’s notice. He also enjoys flea markets and antiques. When they are not busy with ministry, they enjoy spending time together with family and friends.

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